Point Break is out!


Finally the day has arrived when Point Break is out. It's available through all the usual channels, but if you want to make sure you get it visit There you'll find Point Break in a variety of formats, and they all ship worldwide. So wether you're into CD, Vinyl og download it's all right there. Hooray!

Battle on iTunes


Our song Battle is now available through iTunes. It's the first peek of Point Break and we hope you will like it. Stay tuned for more release dates and other important information here on the site, on Twitter or Facebook page.

Get Battle here

Point Break


Tomorrow we are leaving to our secret getaway to finish the recordings of the next batch of songs to follow up on "Sinus". The title of this, our sixth studio-release, will be "Point Break". Artwork and tracklist is in the making and will be published soon. Release date will be sometime late January. Stay tuned and post any questions you might have over on our Facebook page or via Twitter.